How to Build Strong Relationships On Social Media

Building strong relationships with other people is the key factor of success for every social media campaign. As we saw in previous articles (12 Tips for developing a Successful Twitter Campaign & 7 tips for launching successful Social Media Campaigns) social media campaigns require time and effort and by being honest, cool and transparent you can develop your own group of supporters.

Mark Thompson, the creator of StayOnSearch and president of Search Creatively, has created a great free whitepaper that puts together the current best practices and the secrets to building strong relationships online.

This whitepaper provides a detailed blueprint of how you can develop, manage, and maintain long-term relationships with people online.  It gives you a ton of awesome tactics you can use to help build your personal and professional brand with industry influencers.  “The Secrets to Building Relationships Online” is a must download for anyone who is looking to build credibility, increase traffic to their site and cultivate meaningful relationships online.


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