The new Google +1 button and the Effects on SEO

google-plus-1-buttonGoogle has recently announced the release of a new social button called “+1” (plus one). Similarly to Facebook like button, the new +1 button will allow users to bookmark and share the cool websites, pages, advertisements and search results that they find on the web.

The +1 button will start appearing next to the search results on and later it will become available to the other versions of Google. Note that in order to see the +1 button, you must have an updated Google profile, you must be logged in and you have to opt-in to the launch by visiting the Google’s experimental search site.

What is the +1 Button and how it works?

As we said above the +1 button will allow users recommend and share content with their friends and it will be visible next to the search results. Along with them the logged in users will be able to see if the people that belong to their Social Circle have +1’d any of the pages that appear in SERPs. Currently the Social Circle is calculated based on the data that come from Gmail, Google Talk, Google Contacts, Google Reader and Google Buzz. Nevertheless Google says that on the near future they will incorporate information from other 3rd party networks such as Twitter, Flickr etc.


Additionally in a few weeks webmasters will be able to add the new buttons in their website. This will enable their visitors to vote/share/like those pages as they currently do on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious etc. See below the official video of the release to get more insights on what is the philosophy behind the +1 Button:

As expected, this new feature can have a major impact on the SEO and on the Social Media marketing. Below you can see the effects of the +1 Button on several important aspects of SEO and Online Marketing:

The effects on CTR

The +1 button will affect the Click Through Rate. This is because the users are more likely to click on the pages, ads or search results that have been +1’d by someone they know and trust. The users will be able to see the total number of people that have +1’d a particular page along with the names and the pictures of the people that belong to their Social Circle. As a result this will make the snippets of the pages more compelling, and it will increase dramatically the odds of clicking on the particular links.


The effects on Crawling Rate

Pages that have been +1’d are more likely to be crawled or re-crawled by Google. As they mention in their FAQ, Google might crawl the pages and store the title and content in response to a +1 button impression or click.

The effects on SEO

Google already uses data from 3rd party Social Media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc) as signals to determine the Search Engine Results. As a result we should expect that the number of +1s of a page will be used as a signal on the future. Nevertheless by definition the +1 button gives more weight to what your friends think as important and as a result we should expect that it will carry more weight when one of your contacts voted for a particular page.

The effects on Adwords

In the official blog of AdWords, Google has made it clear that the way that they calculate the Quality Score will not change. Nevertheless as we mentioned earlier the +1 button will affect the CTR. As a result one is more likely to click on an ad that has been “recommended” by someone that he/she knows and trusts.


Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land gives few more insights on how +1 button will affect Adwords ads. He mentions that all the ads will get the +1 buttons and that the advertisers will not be able to disable them. Also as expected, he mentions that voting for a particular ad will not count as a click and it will not lead to additional charges. Finally on the future both webmasters and advertisers will be able to get statistics about the number of people that favored their content.

Google has been trying to “go Social” for quite a while; Google Wave and Google Buzz was just the beginning. Certainly the +1 button looks like the Facebook Like button, but it can give a different perspective to the way that people search. Will it be successful or it will join Google Wave and Google Buzz? How will it change the way that people search and share content? These are the questions that every Online Marketer should ask; rest assured that we will cover those topics in the next articles.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to share this article if you like it. Sharing is caring. :)

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  • Dave Wieneke / Useful Arts

    While +1 is a great idea for Google – it will not necessarily improve CTR’s for marketers. In fact, it introduces a whole new behavior to SERPs, ranking add rather than clicking on them.

    While +1 is a bright new distraction it seems as likely to lower CTR’s overall than to improve them. Especially with all the SEO and PR flacks on the pages only to inflate +1 numbers.

    Finally, until the +1 box is available on publishers’ sites, this beta is kind of silly. End users can rate if a site has helped them — but not on the SERP before they hit the site. Again, other that SEO gamers, who ranks products when they’re doing a search.

    Long term, this is a great play for Google. But as a beta, its a bit crazy, which I suppose is how true beta’s should be. (to see more on this follow the link on my name.)

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  • Emma

    It may be another indicator but it’s going to be too easy for companies to take advantage of it to be a major factor.

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  • Bill

    Although this seems very interesting and faire, it will bring new problems of abuse especialy when it comes to SEO. I hope google has a plan on this and will not prove me write. We will see.
    *fingers crossed

  • Elvis Presley Impersonator

    Great post! I have recently installed the button to my website. I noticed some sites seem to have moved up the ranking a little with this button and a few clicks so who knows!

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  • Internet marketing seo

    Im getting a few plus ones on a games site i run and without knowing it, its creeping up the listings, im not doing anything else to the site so its pretty likely the plus 1 is helping the seo.

  • kamera sistemleri

    I wonder if it also has a dislike feature which is frequently abused for example on YouTube. I understand that any rating counts for more than no rating but rating with the intention to do harm rather than good to someone is pathetic.

    We will try to get as much as +1 we can because we know the benefit of it with seo prespective (and soon we will see many people started to sell +1 as well) but a normal user do not know about it and where facebook like button is one step ahead from it.

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  • Harish

    Facebook Like is not more successful coz its limited for the facebook users only and its not have and search engine impact… but i am expecting it from the google+, it should have impact in search results…. and SEO and page-ranking …:)

  • Bead Patterns

    I don’t expect +1 to have much impact soon. Even though Google identifies social media as signals to determine Search Engine Results, there are so many social media indicators that no single social media, even Google’s own +1, will carry much weight among the 200 or factors in G’s algorithm.

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  • Co Q10

    I would be carefull with the G+ button. Some of my collegues have experienced big SERP drops if used as a SEO objective. Google may interprete manipulation & punish. As always, natural & common sense build-up… Cheers

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