The New Social Metric

WuzzRank Widget

The name "Wuzz" comes from the words Web + Buzz.

The WuzzRank is a new Web metric provided by Web SEO Analytics. It measures the Popularity of a Webpage on the various social media using a logarithmic scale from 0-10. The WuzzRank is the PageRank equivalent for Social Media Popularity.

WuzzRank & Search Engine Optimization

The WuzzRank is a very useful metric that is used to evaluate the Social Media Popularity of a given page. Both Google and Bing use Social Media data in the process of evaluating websites and determining the order of the Search Engine Results. Search Engines take into account not only the Quantity of the mentions, but also the Quality and the Authority of the source. The WuzzRank takes into account several parameters and evaluates each page based on the buzz that it has generated on Social Media.

The WuzzRank is an important metric of Web SEO Analytics toolbox as it can give useful insights concerning the Authority and the Strength of a particular source on Social Networks. Moreover this rank is used as a Quality Score metric both by Internet Communities and by Bloggers.

Simple Installation

Add the WuzzRank Widget on your Website or Blog

Now you can easily add the WuzzRank metric on your website or blog. Simply select the desired widget and copy & paste the following script code into the HTML source of the site where you want the WuzzRank Widget to be displayed:

mediun 6
compact 6
icon WuzzRank Small
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

Advanced Installation for power Users

The widget can be called multiple times from the same page. Nevertheless the JS file should be included once per page in order to speedup the loading time.To initialize a new widget you must call the function findWuzzRank(widgetType, targetElementId, URL). All the parameters of this function are optional.

The 1st parameter is the widgetType and it affects the style of the widget. The value of this parameter should be either 1 (normal version, default) or 2 (compact version). The 2nd parameter is the targetElementId. This is the id of the HTML element or DIV where the WuzzRank widget should be inserted. If no ID is specified a new element is created dynamically and the widget is positioned inline. The 3rd parameter is the URL. This is the URL of the page for which you want to calculate the WuzzRank. If it is not specified, then the widget calculates the WuzzRank of the current page.