Since mobile has become the digital “conqueror” of modern times the mobile technology is developing and so ASO benefits are of great importance. Nevertheless, ASO alone is not enough for those marketers looking for holistic marketing app solutions. In this framework, this article will be an attempt to briefly approach ASO along with other techniques that can help optimize an app.



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App Store Optimization Definition

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a way of making an application visible in search results of an app store by ranking higher and as a consequence increasing the possibilities of a user to pick it among others and finally download it.

Valuable information: Several ranking factors are not evaluated as equally important from the two app stores (iTunes Apple Store and Google Play Store).

Ranking Factors in ASO

Title and Description

Create unique titles and descriptions after selecting relevant keywords that best describe the app.

As regards to title, it is recommended to place the most important keywords at the beginning of the title along with the name of the app. Choose relevancy before difficulty when choosing keywords. In iTunes App store, the 25 first characters (out of 100) of the title are the most important. Mind not to include the name of the app category or if it’s a paid or a free app as it preexists by default. In Google Play store, the title is limited to 30 characters. The description text ought to be clear, interesting and promising. Mind that in Apple store, the description does not affect ranking a lot and only the first 3 lines are those that can affect ranking. On the contrary, in Google App store the description line is limited to 4000 characters, where the first 2 lines are the most important.

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The iTunes App store lets you list a 100 character limited list of keywords; list those keywords with commas, do not repeat them, list them in singular version, list numbers (do not spell them), don’t include stop words (in, on, at, the). Google Play store does not support a keywords list.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are an essential ranking factor. Apps with grate ratings and reviews tend to rank higher. It is therefore recommended to ask for users to review an app. However, negative reviews are more common than positive ones, so attention is required when choosing how and when to ask for a review. Tip: Ask the user for a review after a successful conversion and not in the middle of his “journey”. There are several online services that can facilitate this process.

Ratings and reviews also play an important role in the decision making of a user when it comes to downloading an app or not. Users tend to read and trust the reviews a lot and they are more likely to choose to download an app that rates over 4 stars.

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Additional Branding Tips


The application icon, represents the brand and probably the first thing a user will see. Choose an icon that will make the difference. Choose an authentic, professional and attractive icon that will attract users’ attention and will cause a sense of trust. Finally, screenshots and videos are also important to the whole “performance” of the app. They need to be of a high quality and offer effective guiding as they can be used to story tell the functions of the application and promote its USPs.

Tip: Don’ forget localization. If an app can support many languages then titles, descriptions, even screenshots must be translated. Give users the attention they deserve in order to get back theirs too.

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Mobile A/B testing

Mobile A/B testing is a form of observation, discovery and improvement. Through the process of A/B testing, multiple ideas can be tested and as a final point A/B testing can boost ROI increase.

Google App Indexing

App Indexing is a truly compelling feature. By indexing an app in Google, the app gets to be served in Google’s mobile search engine results, the so-called App Packs. With this process, users are able to find apps via search results and not merely via app store results. On a final note, app indexing is “a must do” for apps addressing the Android system, as it is a way to be included in one of the latest Google’s trends, ‘Now on tap’.

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Saving the best for last, it is important to understand that the application’s use is to serve users’ needs via an easy and exciting experience. Filing the gap between the needs and the experience by creating a fascinating application is the first step to succeed in the application world. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of an application is not just to be downloaded, but to take root in the mobile devices.

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