SEO best Practices for YouTube

As previously argued, “YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world with more than 3 billion searches per month”.

Small, medium and large businesses but also individuals, can drive traffic to their niche through the dominant YouTube video sharing platform and leverage this opportunity to drive conversions.

Below, you will find some additional tips to those presented formerly, regarding YouTube videos and YouTube channel optimization.


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But before this, let’s highlight the importance of the user experience. A good user experience will likely boost user’s engagement, a.k.a. the most important ranking factor on YouTube. The user engagement ‘trip’ is measured by the video view, the viewer’s retention, the likes and dislikes, the “add to” playlists, the comments, the video shares, and the channel subscription after watching a video. Reach high levels of user engagement by providing to your viewers relevant, concise and unique video content.

Keywords and Video Keywords

It is significant to choose the most appropriate keywords when creating Video Titles. What you need is to rank for:

1.   the keywords that best describe your video content

2.   the keywords that people mostly use to look up for lookalike video contents

3.   Video Keywords.


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Video Keywords stand for keywords that are increasing the possibilities of YouTube videos ranking in Google’s results as well. Ranking high in YouTube won’t get the same luck with Google search if you don’t take under consideration that they are 2 different search engines. In order to master in both of them, you need to choose keywords that are popular in YouTube video results but also have a decent average search volume. The Keyword Tool for YouTube ( will help you find relevant long-tail keywords about specific subjects.


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View Rate and High Quality

The view rate of a video is also an important aspect of YouTube video optimization, because the amount of time spent by a user watching a video is a crucial ranking factor. Thus, your aim is to keep your viewer tuned as longer as possible. For this to happen, your videos must target the right audience, by using relevant titles and descriptions and displaying a meaningful, interesting content.


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Consider that you are about to serve something that the users will really need to watch.

A high video quality ensures a good user experience and it increases the levels of user engagement. HD video quality with a good content will enhance the viewer’s satisfaction.

Thumbnails and Cards

thumbnails on youtube


Beautify your videos with thumbnails and YouTube cards. Video thumbnails are an extra element on the YouTube video optimization, as they can generate engagement by making a video more appealing and comprehensible. On the same pattern, YouTube cards at the end of a video can boost the engagement with your channel.


youtube cards


Closed Captions (CC), Subtitles and Translation

Always include closed captions and subtitles in your videos. Not only because it is a positive user experience sign, but also because it is a ranking factor since Google indexes their transcripts. Likewise, broaden your audience by creating translation transcripts in other languages.


closed captions

Geo Targeting

Do not neglect to geo-target your video. Link your video to your business location and address in order to facilitate and increase the local search traffic and visibility.

Video promotion

Everything starts with the views. Promote your videos by sharing them through Social Media (Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, Twitter groups, Google+ communities) and other online forums such as Quora. You can also embed your videos to blogs and websites with relevant content to your business /niche. And think of this, as a link building technique that could lead to views.

Channel empowerment

Be an active YouTube user. Build your channel authority by interacting with other YouTube videos and channels. Comments, likes, subscriptions make your presence known and increase the possibilities of your videos to rank better.

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