Rising of the Blogs! Benefits & Actions

Content Marketing is growing and we have already entered an era where a blog is not only a useful tool for SEO purposes but it is also essential for any website. There are many reasons as well as many benefits in using a blog as it is a marketing tool through which you can express your personal point of view and also provide the readers with important insights.

Below you will find the benefits and actions that result from creating/ building a blog:

1. Brand Awareness


  1. The possibility that a reader will share your post is increasing dramatically thus expanding your brand awareness.
  2. Shares especially on G+ support many SEO actions. For example if someone clicks on the like button and later searches on Google for a similar query he will most likely see your page on the first positions of the rankings.



Add social media buttons on the blog and in each and every article you write.

2. Build a Community – Win Followers


  1. Choose to mention people/ companies that either have a blog (page) or maintain a really strong presence in social media. So after publishing the post communicate with them through email and twitter and inform them that you have mentioned their company in your blog post. So there are many possibilities to share your post or even add a link to their website pointing to your website. This way you will most likely increase brand awareness and gain followers at the same time. (your goal is to build a community of followers).



Include/ mention external links (sometimes even from a competitor’s site) in your posts.

Blogging Brand Awareness

3. Win Retweets


  1. If someone is asking for example “where should I eat a typical Cretan dish in Aghios Nikolaos?” you could write an article with the title “Best Restaurants in Crete” and suggest it to him through Twitter. So you should find themes that are interesting for your target group and offer them valuable information so as to lead them to retweet.
  2. If you already have a post similar to his question you could send him a tweet – answer like this : “Hi XXX! I have noticed that you are interested in finding the best place to eat in Crete. So if you would like you could take a look at this blog post www.example.com”. This way we are helping people looking for information and we could win a retweet, a “thanks”, a “like” or a visit to our website and maybe even a conversion while eventually increasing brand awareness.



Use twilerts (and maybe google alerts). If for example you are working for the travel sector you should monitor tweets that focus on travel for example “luxury trip to Greece” , “hotel to Crete” , “luxury vacations Greece”, etc….

4. Win Shares – Likes


  1. There are communities in Google Plus that have more than 2000 followers and so are in Facebook thus sharing our content in such communities will increase our chance to win a share or like and of course enhance brand awareness.



Share each and every post to communities in G+ and groups on Facebook. (example: Google Plus Community 1, Google Plus Community 2 )

5. Improve Rankings – Long tail Keywords


  1. Win impressions on Google, and appear on Google’s high rankings for a long-tail keyword (exact keyword), as for example “Vacation in Crete for July 2014. If each and every blog post is optimized as a landing page then you will appear on the SERPs for many new long-tail keywords.
  2. Also if a site  increases its total pages showing Google that it is always updating its content while offering useful information to its audience according to Google it will most likely rank better.



Build / Use a blog post as landing page. For example use technical details as (meta title, internal links, external links, bold letter, h1, h2) and create a page – post that provides useful information and is at the same time optimized for a very specific keyword phrase / term.

6. Utilize Internal links & Improve your rankings


  1. Give value to exact keywords, so as to rank higher in Organic Rankings.
  2. Create and increase the internal links of your website in order to win better rankings on the SERPs.



Add internal links pointing to pages of your own site on exact keywords.

In conclusion a blog for your business will help you create a community of followers, win brand awareness and obtain better rankings on the SERPs. Also it will help you show the character, the style and the profile of your company.
Of course to achieve your goals you need to put a lot of effort into your work.

Do not be discouraged; keep offering valuable content and interesting information as your followers are out there waiting for you to find them.

Keep writing and sharing!

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