Quick Local SEO Checklist for 2016

Nowadays local SEO is very important for all businesses. According to this article 58% of the 100 most expensive keyword searches are location-sensitive.

Why use Local SEO

1. Generate Quality & Targeted Traffic

Which means:
a. Better UX
b. Better CTR
c. Better Conversion Rate.

local seo

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2. Mobile is growing and at the same time local searches are growing

No more asking around or buying a local newspaper on the road to find a good restaurant or a spa in the neighborhood… The Mobile era is here!

How Local SEO helps:

local seo process

Basic Techniques for Local SEO in 2016

1. Local Reviews

Advise your customers to write a review for your business or services using Google Plus, Yelp or other websites such as Angie’s List.

Local reviews are shown on the Google 3 pack so besides the Google Local factor, they can also increase the CTR towards your website. Below image:

Then you can use this Rich Snippet  so as to show the reviews on Google results and improve your CTR even more.


local reviews


2. Create & optimize your Google My Business page

Follow the instructions that Google is providing on this page  and make sure that your profile is 100% completed.
It is important that you use the correct address and telephone number of your business as well as the right categories that characterize your business.




3. On-Page Optimization

Include the location of your business in your website’s:
- H1, h2
- Meta title
- Alt tag descriptions of the images.

- Geo Sitemap
- Embedded Google Map
- Your NAP information in every page of your website.

4. Off-Page Optimization

- Generate citations for your business mentioning your complete contact information (Address, Telephone Number)
- Add your website in local directories
- Be consistent in your business’s information across listing sites

5. Use the Local Business rich snippet

Please follow the instructions on this page if you will be using schema.org implementation.

6. Create a Mobile Friendly Website

According to Google most of the local searches are coming from mobile devices. You can find more information about this matter in the following very useful links:
- https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/
- https://www.brightlocal.com/

7. Social Media

You should use hashtags including your location so as to generate local traffic on your website.

To Sum Up

So if you own a local business focus your efforts on these actions so as to generate quality traffic and increase your conversions. Even if your potential customers are not situated only on your location, these actions can help you improve your overall SEO performance.

Now that you’ve got a better understanding on how can local SEO improve your rankings and how to build a local SEO strategy, this can get you started in thinking about local search optimization more seriously.

If you have any more useful tips to add that could improve Local SEO performance, feel free to make a comment. Subscribe on webseoanalytics and start sharing your thoughts with us.



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