OnPage SEO Benefits

The last few years SEO is constantly changing. Nevertheless it still remains one of the main and most effective techniques of Online Marketing.

SEO ranking factors are divided in two main sectors:
- the OnPage SEO factors and
- the OffPage SEO factors.

The big difference between these two main sectors is that the OnPage SEO factors are the ones we can totally control through our website, unlike the OffPage SEO factors (e.g. links) that we need to cooperate always with external partners and take the best deal we can each and every time so as to boost our PageRank (permanent links, anchor texts etc).

Let’s check together the benefits of OnPage SEO and why it should be 100% perfect.


on page seo benefits


Benefit One: Local Results

OnPage SEO is the basic factor to get the best possible local results. In order to achieve high local results, we need to implement some seo actions such as location in the title of our landing page, a google map, the necessary rich snippets, GEO location sitemap etc.
This is really important as Google Local results is the new trend in the SEO results.

Benefit Two: Inexpensive & Powerful Marketing

The structure of our pages is the best way to define the keywords we want our pages to rank. It is also the most inexpensive way to promote our website in Google organic results as it can be directly applied by us, unlike link building that needs a considerable budget per year.

Benefit Three: Permanent Value

OnPage SEO provide us with permanent SEO value. This is a big advantage comparing to link building which is a technique where our links could be deindex (there is need to find new ones after some time) and also needs a constant effort and budget.

Benefit Four: Timesaving

The OnPage SEO techniques, on the contrary with OffPage SEO techniques (link building), are easy to be controlled and to follow the last updates of Google. We do not need to communicate with external partners (ex: bloggers) so as to give value to our website.
This way, we can save valuable time that we could spend it in other important issues and techniques.


on page seo benefits


Benefit Five: Good UX –> Better Conversion Rate

After the last updates of Google, User Experience in our website is a very important factor so as to achieve good rankings. As a result, if you manage to have low Bounce Rate, good Avg. Time per Session, etc. you will also achieve high rankings. This means:
Good UX –> Better OnPage SEO –> Better Rankings & Better Conversion Rate.

Having good OnPage SEO means not only improvement of our rankings but also of our Conversion Rate (unlike OffPage SEO that helps mainly our rankings and traffic).


user experience


Benefit Six: Improve CTR

Part of the OnPage SEO is the optimization of meta description and meta title. This means that we manage to improve also the Click through Rate for our organic results.
This way, we ensure not only to appear in the first results of Google but also that the users will click on our result.

Benefit Seven: More Organic Traffic Sources

Optimizing our landing pages means that we need to optimize the images and videos we include in our website. This way, we could attract visitors not only from Google Search Results but also from Google Images, Google Video or even YouTube.

Benefit Eight: Leverage Long Tail Keywords

The best way to achieve good rankings for exact long tail keywords is to include them in our website’s content and in our internal links so as to improve our rankings.


on page seo


Benefit Nine: Page Speed

A high page speed is a “must” for our website in order to be properly SEO optimized. This way we achieve higher rankings and better User Experience that could also improve our website’s Conversion Rate at the same time.

Benefit Ten: Uniqueness

The OnPage SEO factors make our website unique. We need to have different meta tags, texts, video descriptions etc. and this way we avoid any possible penalties from Google Updates.

To Conlude

OnPage SEO is the most important and effective part of our SEO strategy. I advise you to have all the OnPage factors 100% optimized before starting other OffPage actions. This will give you an advantage against your competitors.
OnPage factors were, are and will always be a trend so don’t underestimate them.

If you want to add any additional benefits, please don’t hesitate to write in the comments below.



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