3 Reasons why SEO is one of the Best Investments for your Business

Over the past few years many misconceptions have emerged concerning Search Engine Optimization. But which are some of the most misleading thoughts we have heard about SEO during the last year or so? “SEO is dead; the social media guru proclaimed.” “I don’t want SEO. I just want a good looking website similar t... read more ››

SEO Truths – Your beacon of light into the darkness of SEO

I wholeheartedly believe that it is time to have a paradigm shift about what the SEO truths are in 2014 and what you must have in mind as a person responsible for your company’s website performance or as an SEO specialist that daily has to prove the value of SEO to his clients when it comes to search engines and organic r... read more ››

The biggest secret for SEO success

In the dawn of 2014 the search ecosystem seems to be even more complex than before. Almost everyone advises you to consume more SEO content, buy more SEO tools, consult with “SEO ninjas”, “pivot your way” through big data, acquire proprietary competitors analysis information and of course stop all link building acti... read more ››

SEO Success through “hidden” Micro Conversions

When it comes to a website’s conversions we are conditioned to think of the end result. That means that we tend to focus on the website’s leads and generation of sales forgetting what is happening or what might happen before even a potential visitor reaches a website. Likewise as SEO practitioners we tend to give too... read more ››

“Soft” factors that can boost your rankings

As internet marketing experts, we tend to put too much weight on the on-page factors of a website as well as the link building activities that we should perform in order to achieve top rankings in the SERPs. At the same time we forget or we don’t give the proper amount of attention to the “soft”-quality factors t... read more ››

URL Optimization: Best practices to increase usability & organic traffic

One of the things that often webmasters and many times even SEO practitioners forget to optimize for is the URL structure of their websites. In this article we will discuss a variety of best practises that will help you improve the URL structure of your websites. Let’s begin by breaking down the elements of a URL ... read more ››

High Bounce Rate: What it Means and How to Fix it

A lot of times,  even if you have worked very hard to optimize your website by following best practices, attract the “right” visitors and offer a great experience to your website’s visitors you notice that bounce rate stays very high or has been reduced by 1% or less the last 6 months! Don’t despair. There ... read more ››

3-Way On Page Optimization

The first step to maximize our website’s probabilities to rank as high as possible in the SERPs for a variety of terms that we have optimized our pages for is to follow some time tested best practises of on page optimization. So without further ado, let’s find below the 3 most important on page factors we must impl... read more ››

3 metrics for effective link audit

When it comes to perform a link audit on our website pages for reasons such as to find out why our site has been penalized or to figure out why a competitor ranks above us for a particular keyword phrase, it is important to take into account several metrics that will help us  improve the competitiveness of our pages.... read more ››

Meta tags sniper: How to instantly increase your non-branded organic traffic

As entry level or seasonal SEO specialists already know title tags and meta description tags are the two most important places input your keywords so as to achieve higher rankings. Title tags are very important because they have a direct impact to your website’s rankings; on the other hand meta description tags ar... read more ››

3 Actionable Steps to Analyze Social Media Traffic with Google Analytics

Most likely you have already setup a Google analytics account in order to analyze your website’s traffic. Today we will see together a step by step guide on how to identify, segment and analyze your social media traffic by utilizing the Google Analytics platform.  Identify your socia media traffic sources The f... read more ››

Increase Organic Traffic by Analyzing PPC data in 3 Simple Steps

In the next 5 minutes you will find out an easy step by step process that will help you discover, target and achieve top SERP (search engine results page) rankings for profitable keywords. This process will effectively result to increased sales and leads from your website. 1. Keyword Mining Phase While everyone else m... read more ››