Customer Behaviour Analysis: A potential million-dollar business opportunity

It is almost impossible to build and maintain a dynamic website that works flawlessly every moment and for every customer. It is not a surprise that online customers often face problems such  as messages, navigation errors, purchase difficulties, usability issues and much more. Furthermore, consumers usually share their... read more ››

SEO as a Marketing Tool

Online marketers know that SEO is a critical factor for driving website traffic. Search cannot consider independent of the Web and the Web cannot work without search. Furthermore, studies show that SEO is a significant high ROI strategy. 72% of business owners that have used a SEO strategy felt that it improved their bo... read more ››

Design and Maintain a Successful Mobile Friendly Website

The significant growth of mobile devices is on the verge of having a negative impact on businesses that haven’t adapted it. Google has announced that nowadays more searches taking place on mobile devices than on desktop.  Additionally, Google continues to make updates to the mobile search algorithm and promotes mobile... read more ››

International SEO Best Practices

It is an undeniable fact that the Internet evolution has shrunk our world. Companies are now able to find and interact with global audiences like never before. As the global market reach grows, companies must do everything they can so as to easily be found in a great worldwide marketplace. That’s where international searc... read more ››

Is your website penalised by Google?

Google changes its algorithms quite often so as to ensure better and more accurate results. If you have a minimum SEO knowledge you might have heard about the famous Penguin and Panda updates. (As well as the Hummingbird Algorithm which we will discuss in another blogpost). If you check the latest updates you will realise t... read more ››

How to integrate Mobile into your Marketing Mix

Nowadays there is a rapid consumer adoption of mobile and mobile-enhanced media services. Mobile has become so important to people that a new psychological term has been invented: Nomophobia, which is the fear of being without your mobile phone!!! Marketers need to listen to customer's digital signals which increasingly ... read more ››

YouTube Videos SEO Optimization in 4 Easy Steps

As we discussed in a previous blog post we can increase the possibilities to rank better in Google search results by implementing a YouTube video in our SEO strategy. (Statistics have shown that well optimized videos rank well in SERPs”) Apart from that, YouTube can also be used as an alternative source of traffic cons... read more ››


In a previous blog post we discussed how can inbound marketers develop a local search strategy in order to increase websites footprints beyond text links in search results. In this blog post we will try to shed more light on the Google universal search concept and develop an optimisation plan that enhances search presence i... read more ››

Search Strategy For Local Businesses

During the last years, mostly because of the on-going growth in mobile search, local search volumes have shown a tremendous increase. More specifically: Over 50% of mobile queries have local orientation. More than 20% of desktop queries include local search volumes. From these queries 5 % use the state name or the c... read more ››

SEO Myths you Should Stop Thinking About

SEO has changed a lot during the last decade. Actually it has changed so much that many online marketers aren’t sure about which SEO strategy is indeed important and updated.This is due to the fact that search engines want to provide high quality content relevant to the search terms in search results. With this article... read more ››