Why Online Reviews Matter for SEO

It is very clear that digital marketing has changed the way people are showing their trust to a business. What consumers think and post online about a product or service is much more important than what the business itself is saying about its products and services. In other words, online opinions or else, online revie... read more ››

SEO best Practices for YouTube

As previously argued, “YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world with more than 3 billion searches per month”. Small, medium and large businesses but also individuals, can drive traffic to their niche through the dominant YouTube video sharing platform and leverage this opportunity to drive conver... read more ››

Website Speed Optimization

The beauty of a fast-loading website lies on the satisfaction of the speed offered to its visitors. Apart from relevant results and content, what is also necessary for a user, is to be served with fast-loading sites. Website speed is a key-factor regarding page-views, bounce rate as well as conversions. Owning a fast-loadin... read more ››


Since mobile has become the digital “conqueror” of modern times the mobile technology is developing and so ASO benefits are of great importance. Nevertheless, ASO alone is not enough for those marketers looking for holistic marketing app solutions. In this framework, this article will be an attempt to briefly approach A... read more ››

4 ways an open graph can increase your website traffic & how to implement them

“The power in Facebook remains its potency to generate earned conversation and engagement" - Social@Ogilvy. Facebook is a valuable asset. Small, medium or large sized businesses owning a website, can only be leveraged when they gain Facebook traffic generated from users that have interacted with posts regarding their b... read more ››

User Personas and SEO

Marketing is all about communicating - effectively- the importance of a product, of a service or a brand to the audience. What is necessary in order to achieve this goal, is to “know your audience” and to have a holistic perspective of what this particular audience needs and wants. Nowadays, Digital Marketing, is starti... read more ››