Quick Local SEO Checklist for 2016

Nowadays local SEO is very important for all businesses. According to this article 58% of the 100 most expensive keyword searches are location-sensitive. Why use Local SEO 1. Generate Quality & Targeted Traffic Which means: a. Better UX b. Better CTR c. Better Conversion Rate. (Image Credits: searchengine... read more ››

The best piece of SEO Advice for 2016

Why use SEO in 2016? What would SEO be like in 2016? Up until now, SEO was all about Rankings and increase of Organic Traffic. These were the 2 main KPIs we were measuring and presenting to our clients. We had some main factors so as to achieve a good SEO optimization (On-Page & Off-Page) as Keywords Density, meta titl... read more ››

OnPage SEO Benefits

The last few years SEO is constantly changing. Nevertheless it still remains one of the main and most effective techniques of Online Marketing. SEO ranking factors are divided in two main sectors: - the OnPage SEO factors and - the OffPage SEO factors. The big difference between these two main sectors is that the O... read more ››

10 Advanced SEO Tips & Tricks 2015

The search marketing industry has been growing quickly, so has the SEO competition between businesses during the last years. As a result, even if we implement all the basic SEO actions as choosing our targeted keywords, implementing the right h1-h2, adding more than 600 words in our landing pages and implementing the best i... read more ››

Ten Critical Steps for your E-shop’s Success

If you own a retail business you will soon realize that existing only offline is not enough. In order for you to succeed you will have to adapt into the new digital environment and make your services or products available online through an e - shop. People prefer to buy things from the internet as the process is much simple... read more ››

Online Marketing Performance – The Ultimate Guide

During the last years many of us working on the digital marketing sector have claimed that SEO is dead. In my personal opinion, this confusion has happened because many SEOs and clients were identifying SEO with Online Performance as the same concept which is an incorrect assumption as they are two totally different things.... read more ››

Rising of the Blogs! Benefits & Actions

Content Marketing is growing and we have already entered an era where a blog is not only a useful tool for SEO purposes but it is also essential for any website. There are many reasons as well as many benefits in using a blog as it is a marketing tool through which you can express your personal point of view and also provid... read more ››

What is pagination?

Many websites  (mostly ecommerce) are promoting such a variety of products that they´re ultimately forced to divide them into multiple pages. This process is called pagination, as shown in the following images: In these two cases the great range of products available obligates the website owners to divide them in m... read more ››

Page Rank 2014 – Dead or Alive?

PageRank is one of the approximate 200 metrics that Google uses to its algorithm formula that helps a website’s ranking on the SERPs. It was not updated last year and according to Matt Cutts no update was supposed to take place until 2014. As many SEOs’ and Digital Marketing specialists’ believe we have been referring... read more ››

Usability & SEO what is the relation?

For many years now there has been a battle between SEO experts and Usability - Web Design professionals on how to make your website successful. So what can you do? I believe that this question is like a vicious circle. On one hand you have the option to focus on SEO optimization strategies and create a website that se... read more ››