5 tips for creating engaging content on social media platforms

The type of content that you present in social media platforms will affect the engagement of your audience and that itself is a reason to create attractive social media content. Due to the fact that all social media generate signals that among other things positively affect SEO performance and thus customer engagement eventually leading to the promotion of your brand, it is important that you invest some time and effort to create quality content that is related to your readers.

In this article we have listed the 5 best ways to significantly increase the effectiveness of your social media content.

social media and seo

1. Who is your target group and audience?

Firstly, do some research on who is using what in social media. In other words what are the demographics of each platform? Does Instagram for example engage the same type of audience as Twitter? What are the major demographic groups that are engaged in each platform? Based on these data, you will be able to tailor your content to match the audience that will most likely interact with your brand. Creating a demographic responsive content will not only keep your -current and potential- customers engaged but it will retain them for the long term as well.

2. Type & time

After you have completed your demographic data collection, its time to focus on the type of content that you post. Most likely you are already aware of the fact that visual and interactive media work best in platforms such as Facebook, whereas more question and answer type content works best in Twitter. A general rule of thumb across all platforms is to use infographics. Use quotes, behind scene photos, links, questions, links to old posts and so on. You get the idea, the hint is to be creative. Have a review of what has gotten you the most likes, shares and re-tweets and built on those trends utilizing similar types of messages.

Along the same lines, do some research on the days and times that your audience is most likely to interact with your brand platform. We know for example that engagement is higher on Thursdays and Fridays on Facebook whereas Mondays to Thursdays are generally good for making Twitter posts and Tuesdays to Thursdays for LinkedIn posts.

3. Be current

Follow the trends and news regarding the latest developments pertinent to you brand and your campaign goals. Your audience wants to know that you are engaged as well and that you are following the flow of information. Being a few steps ahead in terms of the current news/data/developments, presents an image of confidence and builds brand-customer trust.

4. Steadiness breads familiarity

You want your audience to feel comfortable and familiar with your brand and if you succeed in doing so you will instantly observe an increase of communicative interaction. One of the best ways to achieve this is by being consistent and steady when it comes to the flow of your postings and uploaded information as it will allow your audience to familiarize with your brand and therefore take you a step further towards your set goals.

social media and seo

5. Employee participation

Each brand has a persona and you need to make sure that your brand’s many personas are engaged as well. Encourage employees to interact with current and potential customers through their professional Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will show your customers the actual value behind the brand and its services, your brand will be communicated through true personas allowing your audience to familiarize with your brand and feel comfortable to interact on your platform. Your employees don’t even have to support or promote anything related to the brand, but simply be present and engaged.

As one can see creating engaging social media content is both an art and a science. You need to be aware of the latest trends and provide related content so as to keep your clientele engaged. Allow users to familiarize with your brand and the services that are presented and promoted.

Targeted quality content will keep current clients engaged and tempt new ones to come and stay on board.

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