13 Tips to Boost your SEO with Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a social network, but also a growing search engine and bookmarking service that drives referral traffic back to your website. What does this mean? Pinterest has a lot of potential to support your online marketing strategy as nowadays many people follow brands to get inspiration on what to buy.

SEO Pinterest

As a result, it’s essential to know how to achieve SEO optimization on Pinterest in order to rank high in search engines just like in Google. Here you will find some quick wins on how Pinterest can boost your SEO efforts.

Tip #1: Create a Business Pinterest Account

Prefer creating a business page than a simple profile as in this way Pinterest makes it easier for you to verify your website and gain access to business features such as Analytics and Rich Pins.

Tip: Check your account settings. Be careful to go to “Search Privacy” and not to set your profile as “private” as this will prevent it to be accessible by search engines.

Tips to Boost your SEO with pinterest

Tip #2: Verify Your Website

A website that is verified in Pinterest seems to show up in better positions than the rest on search results, have checkmarks in the domain search results and increase its authority.

SEO Pinterest

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Tip #3: Connect your Touch Points

Don’t omit to add the Pinterest button to your website as well as a Pin-it Button to let your visitors pin your content. Moreover, you could link your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter Accounts so as to enhance your exposure.

Finally, a good practice is to send out an email campaign to your contact list focusing on Pinterest by inviting people to follow your business.

Tip #4: Optimize your Business Page Name & Username Url

To start, you need to include your full business name that will be displayed as your account name and your username which is the name that will be used in the URL of your Pinterest page (www.pinterest.com/username). The optimal username length is about 3-15 characters. The Username URL should be clear to your customers and target audience, memorable and could contain one of your strong keywords.

Tip: Claim your Pinterest URL and be sure that your company is easy to search and find on Pinterest.

Tip #5: Upload Well-Composed Pictures

Pinterest recommends uploading an image measuring 600 x 600 pixels, while it appears as 165 X 165 pixels as a profile image. So even after resizing, the picture will be depicted fine.

Upload images that are vertical, of high quality and do not include a lot of text for maximum engagement. Don’t forget that Pinterest is mainly a visual social network.

Tip: Always try to make your content and images grab attention as Pinterest focuses on content curation and people seek for content they love and would like to share.

Tip #6: Do Keyword Research

Pinterest offers a search box which means that it is recommended to optimize for keywords with your Board Names, Description and Pins. But how can you find the right keywords?

1. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and get keyword ideas.

2. Go to the Pinterest Search Bar, type keywords related to your business and see what people search for.

3. Do searches and find what pins and boards are showing up. Visit the top ranking pinners and take ideas by the keywords they are using.



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Tip #7: Include Keywords in your “About” Section

Go to your “About” Section and fill out all the necessary information such as business type, your website url and a description with a few keywords measuring about 200 characters.

Tip: You can include your location too, to help with local search.

Tip #8: Optimize your Board Names & Board Description with Keywords

Be specific for each of your particular boards and think like your consumer. Ask yourself what would you search? Then, include keywords in your board description while compelling users to take a closer look at your pins.

Tip: Don’t delete boards, but hide them by making them secret.

Tip #9: Optimize your Pin Posts

pinterest pins

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1. Use Keywords on pin descriptions: It is recommended to use pins with a character length of 200-300 as these get more repins.

2. Include up to three hashtags in a pin.

3. Link your pins back to your website pages. Not to mention to link to specific landing pages / products, according to your sales funnel, as well.

4. Use Keywords in your Image File names: When you save your images to upload to Pinterest, use filenames with your top keyword. The same goes for your alt texts.

5. When you are pinning products, include your price in the description.

Tip #10: Pin Frequently

Pinterest followers wish to see fresh content on their feeds, so don’t hesitate to upload your news, your blogposts or in general your images in a daily basis. Pinning with consistency increases your engagement levels and your total views.

Tip: Once you choose the basis of frequency, keep it the same through your Pinterest Journey. Don’t pin more or less.

Tip #11: Follow Relevant Pinterest Accounts

Follow relevant and useful Pinterest business accounts, users and popular bloggers in your niche that rank for your target keywords.

Tip: Start also pinning interesting images created and pinned by other people to your boards as it will fancy your target audience too.

Tip #12: Use Rich Pins

rich pins

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Rich Pins include extra information on a pin such as the price of the product or product availability. More specifically, there are 6 types of rich pins: app, article, place, product, movie and recipe. With this feature, the followers can do things like downloading apps, buy products etc. without leaving the Pinterest Platform.

Remember: Rich pins seem to perform better in the search and are optimized for mobile.

Tip #13: Look at your Pinterest Analytics

Check your Pinterest Analytics Dashboard and see the growth of your Pinterest page, the performance of your pins, the type of people that engage with your pins or repin and what exactly do they pin from your website. Build your strategy based on this data and keep improving your reach and SEO Performance.

pinterest analytics

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To Sum Up

As Pinterest is free to join, start using it whether you are a famous brand, a blogger, an artist or a non-profit organization. As mentioned above, by combining engaged images and great board and pin descriptions, you will manage to improve your online presence.

An interesting optimized profile is another successful way to get your business / product rank in Google results, so this is your opportunity to shine and increase your website’s visibility.



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